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Inversion Therapy

What is inversion therapy?
What is it good for?

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion represents the Quiet Side of Fitness, helping your body to recover from the compressive effects of gravity and daily activities. Doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers recognize inversion as a safe and effective form of therapy for the spine and weight-bearing joints.
Dr. Robert Martin, Jr. published a book in the late 1970's. Together with the Gravity Guidance Inversion Table, the program caught on, experiencing increasing success. This encouraged other companies to enter the inversion market-products like the Bud Leach table and the BackSwing emerged. Gravity boots were popularized by the 1980 movie "American Gigolo" starring Richard Gere. By 1982, the inversion market had soared to over $70 million, with literally thousands of people incorporating inversion regularly into their lifestyle.

The pelvic inversion swing attached to a doorway bar is a simple space saving option to enable you to do inversion therapy in you own home.

Inversion therapy helps:
• Alleviate back pain
• Improve Posture
• Speed recovery from strenuous activities
• Relieve stress
• Stimulate circulation
• Enhance balance and co-ordination
• Reduce ageing
• Deal with depression
• Alleviate Back pain

You might think that hanging upside down to relieve back pain is a wacky, new-age idea, but Inversion Therapy has been used for hundreds of years to help relieve back pain, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, promote flexibility and proper spinal alignment, and reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity.
By inverting, your body weight applies mild traction to your whole spine, which elongates, increasing the space between the vertebrae and reducing the pressure on the discs. Every nerve in the body leaves the spine through spaces between the vertebrae. Increasing the space reduces the pressure on the nerve roots and discs. Less pressure means less back pain.

• Posture and Alignment
Inversion can also help to encourage good posture. When inverted, your body is in line with gravity. Your spine wants to naturally go to it proper form (a gentle "s" curve). A regular program of inversion can help you to maintain proper posture and keep your body in balance. Poor posture is not only unhealthy, it's unattractive.

• Replenish Energy
Using your own body weight, inversion also helps your body recover from high impact activities like aerobics, weightlifting, and even driving. Inversion can speed up recovery time after exercise by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid, which helps clear lactic acid out of the muscles.

• De-Stress
A study conducted by physiotherapist LJ Nose found that EMG activity (a measure of muscle tension) declined over 35% within ten seconds of inverting. Inversion, therefore, is helpful in relieving tension and pain in your muscles that may have been caused by stress.
In fact, for centuries yoga practitioners have recognized the concept of turning the body upside down to find relaxation. The head stand position is a form of "postural exchange" (reversing the direction of gravity).

• Circulation
The cardiovascular system has to retrieve blood from your legs and lower torso and bring it upwards against the force of gravity. Inversion allows your body to work with gravity to ease circulation in the lower body, especially the legs. This takes pressure off the veins and helps relieve fatigue in the legs from long periods of standing.

• Balance and co-ordination
Skydivers, gymnasts, springboard divers, and scuba divers find that inversion therapy fine-tunes the body and inner ear to the inverted world. Inversion therapy has also been used to normalize the ear canal as a treatment for motion sickness.

• Anti-Ageing
Some people claim that increasing the circulation of blood to the head through inversion may also improve the color and tone of the skin, stimulate mental alertness, and improve hearing and vision. The ancient yogis believed that inversions along with back bends are the main rejuvenating postures.

• Anti-Depressant
One of the surprising results of inversion therapy is an overall sense of well being many people feel. Just as exercise will produce endorphins (opium like compounds in the brain) inversion therapy may have a similar effect. We have found after being on their feet and feeling fatigued people will hang for 15-20 minutes for a "recharge" when they come home from work. This increased sense of energy and relaxation many people feel may be part of the reason inversion therapy is being used more and more as part of a program to reduce depression and improve the general quality of a person's life.


Can inversion cause stroke?

A medical study published in 1983 by Dr. Goldman and colleagues showed that inverted patients experienced an increase in blood pressure and internal eye pressure. The media widely reported the study, warning that stroke was a potential result of inversion. Two years following the inversion study, Dr. Goldman reversed his original position, stating, "New research shows that you are at no more of a stroke risk hanging upside down than if you are exercising right side up." More in-depth research found that the body actually has mechanisms that prevent damage from hanging upside down. In fact, while oscillating (inverting with movement), some of the patients' blood pressure actually dropped a few points. Experienced inverters also showed slower heart rates while inverted than when upright. (*Note: these studies were based on patients in generally good health. Make sure you review contraindications prior to inverting.)
Dr. Goldman stated that the warnings to the public about the dangers of inversion were "grossly inflated" and that in all the years inversion devices have been in use, there has not been one single stroke or cardiovascular incident documented.

The home inversion system consists of a top quality German made harness and steel doorway bar with full instructions on installing and using.

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