Yoga Mind & bodywork for Health and Transformation

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The Life Centre

16.00 -17.15 Community
yoga class

14.15 -15.30
yoga class

15.45 - 17.15
Restorative yoga Pranayama & Meditation

Soma Centre      

10.30 -11.45 General
yoga class


Eastern Garden




18.00 - 20.00 Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu & Hypnotherapy

08.30 -12.30
Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu & Hypnotherapy


The Life Centre, 15 Edge St. Notting Hill, London W8 Tel. 020 7221 4602
Soma Centre, Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High St. London W8 Tel. 020 7361 1995


Eastern Garden The Portobello Clinic, 12 Raddington Road, W10 5TG
For appointments call 020 8962 9738

Home visits by arrangement


New workshops coming soon...


Previous workshops

~ A Resilient Flexible Spine - Key to Lasting Youthfulness ~

This workshop covers techniques to help with a range of back problems as well as being useful for those who simply want to have more strength and mobility in their spine. You will learn a routine which you can adapt to your particular needs and receive a copy of the sequence to take away.

~ Yoga, Shiatsu and the Five Elements ~

A series of workshops examining the five elements of oriental medicine philosophy, relating to the different seasons and how they are mirrored in our internal climate and seasons. We will explore yoga practices and shiatsu techniques, both for ourselves and in partner work, that most help us to be in harmony with the natural cycle and maintain the best balance within the demands of our lives.

~ Yoga For Skiers ~

Winter time - Check The Life Centre website or call 020 7221 4602

The work shop will include a simple ‘avant-ski’ routine good both for getting ski fit before your trip and as a daily pre-ski warm up. Also an 'apres-ski' sequence to stretch, relax and replenish your energy for other apres-ski activities........

~ Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular Problems ~

This weekend is part of the Yoga Campus Yoga Therapy Training. It covers the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system taught by Ruth Gilmore and practical yoga therapy techniques taught by Anna.
The techniques include exercises to remove blockages in the circulation of the vital energy (prana), postures to release the rib cage, thoracic spine and neck, breathing (pranayama), meditation and yoga philosophy and psychology.



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